Large (Serves 3-4)

Large (Serves 3-4)

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Enjoy this 700g of Premium A5 & Australian M9+ Wagyu Platter with double the lot.

What you get:

100g Japanese A5 Wagyu 
600g Australian Wagyu (rib eye cap, tri tip, chuck rib)
• 3 Sauces (free sample)
• 1 Burnt Onion Murray River Pink Salt (free sample)
• 1 Veggie plate
• 2 Cheesy corn
• 2 Saucy wagyu ramen kit
• 4 Onsen egg
FREE Instant Hibachi Grill 
(60 mins burning time)

(Serves 3-4)

Our products are sliced to 'yakiniku' (Japanese BBQ) quality, allowing you to enjoy bitesize grilled meat without having to trim / slice at home.